April News

by Olivia Quadros April 15, 2019


We hope you are doing well and enjoying the month of April, a month of rain (and snow), new beginnings, and hope. This past month our team has been hard at work bringing more creativity and more passion into our sox.

In addition, this month is the month of celebrating military children! We had the honor of participating in the Celebrating Military Children Event at the Stillwell Community Center. This event was a blast filled with amazing giveaways, vendors, food, games, and wonderful activities.

Here is our table before the rush of eager children!

We are certainly enjoying April and we hope you are too! As you can tell by our sox, we definitely love food and we decided to include a link to 30 delicious recipes to try out this month! Be sure to let us know if you try one by posting it to our Facebook page or tagging us on Instagram @thesoxbox. You can find all of the sweet & savory recipes here!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!



Olivia Q.

Olivia Quadros
Olivia Quadros


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