New Giveaway with Steve's PaleoGoods October 13 2014

The Sox Box is happy to announce our latest giveaway with Steve's PaleoGoods.  At The Sox Box we love teaming up with other companies who are a force for good.  Steve's company fits that mold.  Specifically, their Buy a Kit, Help a Kid program where 15% of proceeds from sales of Steve’s PaleoGoods go to Steve's Club National Program – our 501c3 non-profit that brings fitness, nutrition guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth.  Helping kids gets a thumbs/toes up from The Sox Box. On top of their excellent mission, Steve's Paleo kits taste great and are good for you!!

So follow the link below and possibly grab some great paleo and Sox box socks in the process.  And for the love of good food and healthy kids go check out Steve's site... you wont be disappointed!