by Vincent Suich September 22, 2014

The Sox Box had the great honor of attending the fifth annual Lieutenant Dan Weekend in Charleston South Carolina.  Hundreds of our nations veteran heroes gathered in for a great weekend together and Gary Sinise with the Lt. Dan band did not disappoint.  As our companies flagship partner, the Independence Fund has continued to be a tremendous supporter of our nations veterans and engage in direct support to help our brothers and sisters recover from physical and mental trauma and gain independence within their lives.  Without a breakdown, I cannot truly explain the great impact that the Independence Fund has on those who are helped by the fund because the gifts and generosity are overwhelming.  What can be said is that the generous donations from The Sox Box customers, Independence Fund volunteers and everyday people have helped to make this fund one of the most awesome and effective organizations we have ever had the privilege to be a part of.  Much thanks and love to Luker and all of the Independence Fund Volunteers whose tireless work helped to raise over $1 million dollars over the past weekend.


Vincent Suich
Vincent Suich


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