Arnold Classic a HUGE success

Athena & I had the opportunity to take part in the Arnold Classic held annually at Columbus Ohio.  The event showcased premier fitness athletes from all over the world.  These athletes dedication to their profession, whether it be the strong men and strong women, fitness and physique competitors, or incredibly athletic and talented WWE wrestlers, all came together in one inspiring event.

Of course the highlight for us Soxicans was meeting up with our nations current and veteran military members and their support groups.  Sox Box met with the Team Rubicon Group.  If you haven't heard of this group before please click their link above and learn more.  This outstanding organization fills two incredible gaps, disaster response and recovery, and the intelligent engagement of military service veterans for mutual support of this cause.  We were thrilled to engage with some Rubicon members and looking forward to our potential for future collaboration.

Second we met with the founding team from Military Muscle.  What impressed me so much with this group was their dedication to our nations service men and women.  In fact, their founder and most of their team are comprised of veterans and they dedicate 10% of proceeds to veteran causes.  On top of that, they have some awesome designs so please check them out.

Finally we met the representatives from the Yellow Ribbon Fund  Words don't express the gratitude I have for this group.  The Yellow Ribbon Fund provides practical assistance to veterans and their caregivers who are transitioning from the battlefield or the military and need basic goods and services that they may find hard to come by otherwise. 

Most inspiring for me was the privilege of meeting Yellow Ribbon Fund rep. Carey DuVal, a current 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army.  Carey lost part of his arm from an IED explosion in Afghanistan.  Below is a picture of Carey dead lifting 405 pounds!  Even more impressive was my conversation with Carey when he talked to me about alterations he will be making to his right arm that will facilitate a rope climb which he must pass in order to become an Army Ranger.  For all the motivating and inspiring athletes at the Arnold, Carey was tops for us. 

A final shout out for our nations finest elite special forces Navy Seals

When the Arnold got toughest for Sox Box and we hit our hunger lows, the Seals came through with four Chipotle Burritos and some awesome Seal gear --we love you guys!! 


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