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A call to service for civilians

by Vincent Suich November 14, 2015

Athena and I had the honor of being invited as guest speakers on a panel for the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) open discussion about Certified B-Corporations. As the first certified B-Corporation in Monterey County, it was a unique opportunity to share with our local community our story to why we have become a B-Corp., what it means to us and our companies values.  A certified B-Corporation is a business that has attained certification as a company dedicated to doing good for society.  Certification is measured against environmental, social and cultural impacts.  For The Sox Box, the decision to become a certified B-Corp. was easy. We live in constant remembrance of the sacrifice our military service members make for our freedom. The calling of our volunteer soldier force is significant, critical and fulfills a commitment to the sustainment of our most basic freedom, justice and pursuit of happiness. The civilian workforce battle is here and now. Business can and should be a force for good, not only as a moral imperative, but to close the civilian end of the bargain. I understand that bargain to be the free enterprise, commerce system doing all things necessary to promote the betterment of society that our military has fought so hard to protect. As a former military member, I will continue to work within our business to fulfill the civilian obligation. Service to country and community never stops, it just takes on a new mission.

Vincent Suich
Vincent Suich


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