Where Art thy socks at?

At Sox Box, we are constantly searching for more innovative ways to save this world.  Words on Sox are great and all but what about all those people who hate the written word?  The answer hit us fast and furious, let’s create some images and art it up!   An image can say a thousand words.  Sox Box searched far and wide to find an artist up to the task.  We journeyed to middle earth, land of the Hobbits (New Zealand actually) and we found Richard Andersen: https://ragraphics.carbonmade.com/about  Richard delivered some most excellent designs!

These new socks say that you have arrived… but then they don’t ‘actually’ say anything.  Such is the beauty of our new line of Art Socks: What you say to others, you don’t need to say because it is already expressed within the imagery of your sock.    

Our new line follows some old rules:  Top quality high grade combed cotton, made in the US, stay up elastic top, cushioned bottom, thin breathable top foot & smooth toe seam.   As with all Sox Box socks, 20% of proceeds are donated to the Independence Fund and other designated charities.

We hope that you enjoy these socks as much as we do.  To our friends against words, find your pleasure from our the socks that say stuff without saying stuff.  Un-word up brother!   

Search our new art line here

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