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Sox Box now Premier sponsor for Northern California's MAS wrestling

by Vincent Suich August 31, 2013


We’re happy to announce that Northern California Mas Wrestling has teamed up with The Sox Box as a Premier sponsor!

Traditionally, mas wrestling is done with the competitors being shirtless, so we knew that we had to find a special sponsor whose gear could be worn during competition. We had to look no farther than nearby Monterey, California to find this awesome local business with a very unique product. Their knee-high socks have such phrases as “Thick Chick,” “Civilized Caveman” and one of my personal favorites “Deadlift Diva” in big bold letters. They’re also a local business with a patriotic conscience, giving 20% of their profits to the Independence Fund which supports our wounded troops when they get home from overseas.

As a Premier sponsor, they’ve agreed to sponsor our mas tournaments on an ongoing basis by giving away a free pair of socks to the winners of each division. Not only will they be giving away socks to the winners, but they’ll also be present at the contests with a booth set up so you can check out more of their products!

There are also rumors of some custom mas wrestling socks happening down the road…


Vincent Suich
Vincent Suich


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