Lieutenant Dan Weekend - Charleston SC September 17 2013

For those of you that missed it, Lieutenant Dan Weekend hosted by the Independence Fund in Charleston SC was a smashing success!  Gary Sinise performed at the Charleston Citadel headlining his Lt. Dan Band.  Proceeds of the event went directly to the Independence Fund whose continued support of our troops has enabled hundreds of veterans enhanced mobility with All Terrain Wheelchairs.  The Sox Box brought out socks to all of the severely disabled veterans and caregivers hosted by the Independence Fund.  A highlight was being able to present Mr. Sinise with a pair of our USA socks!  We could not be more honored and humbled to provide the founder of the Gary Sinese Foundation ( with some socks.  We had a great time visiting our wounded warriors, giving back, and enjoying the support of thousands of community members whose concern, pride and caring for our brothers and sisters in arms was emotionally very moving.