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(*excludes wholesale and custom orders)

Sponsorship Requests

We value the work that the Sox Box Community does to connect people and benefit those who need assistance. We try to support and fulfill as many donation requests as possible. Every year we donate more than 4000 pairs of sox to various events, community leaders, etc.

We’re especially interested in assisting people who are creating events or promoting causes that benefit the community.

If you have a good cause or are running an event you think we should be part of, please fill out the apporpriate form below and provide as much information as possible.

We’ll be in touch shortly.

*We ask that you give us 5-6 weeks notice to allow for request review, assessment, shipping etc. and to ensure your request is fulfilled on time. Thank you!

  • Product Donation

    Use this form if you would like to request sock donations for raffle prizes, fitness blog giveaways, etc

  • Event Support

    Use this form if you would like TheSoxBox to be involved in your event with event prizes, sponsorship, event attendance etc.