Sox Box Veteran Alliance

As we have grown and gained better insight into the issues facing our Veteran community, we continued to meet and team up with incredible organizations.

Today our nation’s veterans continue their struggle with physical and mental injuries, as well as housing and civilian employment issues. We are pleased and honored to have formed great alliances with these groups who are stepping up to meet these challenges that face our veterans and subsequently our country.

The members of our the Sox Box Veteran Alliance are a part of our team because they represent the highest qualities of integrity, ethics and value that is demanded from a non-profit organization. Further, every organization we partner with provides at least 75% of their income directly to their cause. These low cost- high value operations are what we admire, appreciate and expect for such an important mission.

Sox Box have committed to donating 5% of pre-tax profits to the Veteran Alliance. 


Independence Fund

As our very first charity partner, the Independence Fund has proven to be steadfast and dedicated to support of our nation’s most severely injured veterans.  We love the people who run the Independence Fund as they are focused on veteran care with All Terrain Track Chairs allowing our nations warriors who need it greater independence.  Additionally, they have a very low operating margin where 96% of all donations go directly to veteran support.

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Team Red, White & Blue

Team Red, White & Blue (RWB) is an incredible organization of over 108,000 members all committed to a common goal: engage with fellow veterans across the nation in physical and social activities, encouraging, and promoting their successful lives outside of military service. Team RWB is a fan favorite of the Sox Box because they do so much for our brothers and sisters. From the Chapter Community program that facilitates and encourages veterans to engage in physical and social activities to the veteran ambassador program that encourages veterans to stay connected and networked with each other, to veteran athletic camps that promote enhanced skill training, team building and inspiration, to the leadership program designed to harvest and grow veteran leaders, it is clear that Team RWB is engaged and committed on all fronts on behalf of our service members. With such an immediate and positive impact in our veteran’s lives, the Sox Box is extremely proud and honored to partner with them in donation of 5% of all proceeds of Team RWB socks to support Team RWB programs. Go check out Team RWB and see for yourself why we are so excited about this partnership!

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Team Rubicon

We couldn’t think of a better way to integrate veteran skillsets in real world situations then how the folks at Team Rubicon are doing it.  By uniting service veterans, leveraging their unique skillsets honed from military service and training, Team Rubicon addresses some of the world’s most pressing natural disaster and emergency response situations.  Team Rubicon provides purpose, community and an identity to their veteran volunteers while distributing relief to those affected by disasters.  It is an honor to unite with Team Rubicon’s leadership and establish a partnership where Sox Box provides support they need through our quarterly donations, and they get some very cool Rubicon socks in the process.  We are honored to work with this team and look forward to watching them lead where others cannot.

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The Spartan Alliance

The Sox Box partnered with Spartan Alliance for two simple reasons: This organization is focused on suicide prevention of our nation’s veterans, and they are 100% all volunteer organization.  As with the other Veteran Alliance members, we are honored to work with them and draw attention to their important work.  The plight of any person dealing with mental and physical trauma that leads to suicide is severe and not well understood.  This is even more severe for our nation’s veterans.  The Spartan Alliance is working hard on this problem with the creation of the Spartan Pledge where our veterans and their caregivers pledge to contact their brother or sister before considering suicide.  Having experienced my own military brother in this situation, I cannot thank this organization enough for their direct initiative to address this pressing issue with our veterans.

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The Pararescue Association

It is hard to know where to begin to describe the Pararescue community.  The US Air Force Pararescuemen demonstrate the highest level of sacrifice and service before self that one could identify.  As elite Special Forces members, their motto ‘These things we do that others may live’ epitomizes and succinctly describes their selfless mission.  Tasked with rescuing down and injured aircrew members among other special operation assignments, PJ’s live, eat and breathe excellence.  Having had the privilege of training with PJ’s, I was incredibly honored to have been contacted by Mr. Doug McGill, one of the first Pararescue Guardsmen stationed at Moffett Field California and founder of the Pararescue Association.  He asked for our support of his organization and we cannot be more honored to assist.  The Foundation helps promote rehabilitation, tragedy assistance, and education services for members of the Pararescue Community and their families.

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Semper Fi Sisters

Semper Fi sisters reached out to The Sox Box inquiring about a potential partnership and we quickly realized that our socks would be a perfect fit.  We chose to include Semper Fi Sisters into the Sox Box Veteran Alliance because they are 100% all volunteer so that means low overhead and high impact.  This group of military moms, spouses, caregivers and well wishers provide care packages to our front line war fighters.  At the same time, they provide support and care services for those military families holding things together during their loved ones deployments.  This partnership is especially satisfying knowing that The Sox Box will be providing awesome socks to our forward deployed military personnel.  This will help fill a significant need and we are happy to step up and join Semper Fi Sisters. 

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