Our Values

Before everything, we value what is right

We define right in the faith and knowledge that all of our decisions are rooted in principle, integrity and an overarching environmental, societal and cultural awareness.


Integral to our business is the belief that commerce can be conducted in a way that is sustainable for the environment, community and society that it exists to serve. Giving back to the greatest extent possible allows our company greater long term health, security and prosperity to the patrons of our goods and services. This belief is incorporated into our business model that is designed to address many of society’s most pressing issues.

Honor and promote freedom and those who preserve that

The men and women who, throughout history, have made ultimate sacrifices in support of fundamental freedom and democracy are not lost on our consciousness. The immeasurable contribution and sacrifice of our brave brothers and sisters can be directly attributed to the freedom, business and very lives that we enjoy today. We dedicate our company to promoting awareness, attention and support that our brave service men and women have earned and deserve.

Maximize life

The time we have available to inhabit this earth is valuable, finite and but a fraction of human existence. Given our short time here, we desire to contribute in a way that sustains beyond our years. Through our business, we value and dedicate our time towards the betterment of society in perpetuity.


There is no mission without margin and there is no margin without customers believing and supporting our company and our cause. Sox Box customers are an incredible draw of inspiration, support and motivation. To that end, we promise to deliver the highest quality products at reasonable prices with excellent service to maximize the value for our customers.

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