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Since 9/11, nearly 60,000 service members have been wounded fighting the Global War on Terror. When factoring in serious non-hostile injuries and training mishaps, that number more than doubles. 1600 of these veterans are amputees, 40 of which have lost three limbs and four who are quadruple amputees. Many others are equally injured in different ways. A common theme for them is that they survive because of the advances in battlefield trauma care but fall into a system of post traumatic care that has not seen the same level of advancement and does not know how to properly meet the long-term needs. This is where non-profits like the Independence Fund help fill the gaps. Since its inception nearly five years ago, the all-volunteer Independence Fund has raised and distributed nearly $1.75 million on goods and services to deserving veterans and their families. More than money though, the Independence Fund and its volunteers have discovered that the healing process is most effectively acquired through the active engagement of the community.

The Independence Fund hosted the 5th Annual Lt. Dan Concert on September 20th 2014 at Charleston SC. The Sox Box had the honor of meeting some of the brothers and sisters that we've built this business to serve.  The support of our nations community for veterans was overwhelming.  Thank you for everything!!

Taking a Stand

By John Bailey

I ask you to stand with me
For both the injured and the lost
I ask you to keep count with me
Of all the wars and what they cost
I ask you to be silent with me
Quietly grateful for our lot
As I expect you’re as thankful as me
For the health and life we’ve got
I ask that you wish them well with me
All those still risking their all
And I ask that you remember with me
The names of those that fall
I expect that you are proud like me
Of this great nation of ours too
So enjoying all its freedoms like me
Support those upholding them for you
I hope that you are hopeful like me
That we’ll soon bring an end to wars
So you’ll have to stand no more with me
And mourning families no different from yours
‘Til then be thankful you can stand with me
Thinking of those who now cannot
For standing here today with me
At least we show they’re not forgot

© Copyright May 2011 John Bailey
used with permission

Taking a Stand

Note: John Bailey is a former regular and now serving Territorial Army soldier who served in Afghanistan in 2008. Recently (2009) a member of his unit, Corporal Steven Boote, was killed along with four others by a rogue Afghan policeman.

He spent the day in Wootton Bassett the day their bodies were repatriated and that night he wrote this poem as a comment on TA service in general but more importantly as a tribute to ''Booty''.

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