Athlete - Ian Deyerle

  What was your motivation to compete in Spartan Races?

It started with a triathlon, to a local mud run and then to spartan, I was instantly hooked on the level of difficulty and competition spartan offers. My next race I joined elite group and placed 8th, I've been training specifically for obstacle races ever since
   How do you achieve balance between your sport and life?

My life and family revolves around fitness, my girlfriend and little girl and I go to the gym daily as a family, our fridge is packed with healthy foods, our free time is usually spent doing something active, I try to bring them to all my races whenever possible. I'm lucky that I have a job that is very flexible and I'm able to race. At the end of the the day I still know that family and work are my priority
   What was your attitude towards competing growing up?

As a teenager in high school I never took it serious because it was a team sport, a loss was insignificant, a win was cool but didn't do much for me. Now when I cross the finish line it's 100% on me. A win is surreal and if I get 3rd or 10th I look at it as how can I improve, Its all fun for me, I never let a win get to my head or a loss to my heart
   What qualities do you respect in other athletes?

I love guys and girls who are friendly and talk to anyone, who don't have a better than attitude. Who can give you a hug after a race and say congratulations, it's war on the course but how you handle yourself after a race speaks volumes.
   Advice to aspiring Spartans?

Train specifically for these events, run on steep hills, work grip strength and body weight workouts. Get used to running wet and cold ! You will learn a lot about yourself during these races. Have fun !!! I can't emphasize this enough, the second you stop having fun racing, walk away.
   Why do you like The Sox Box socks?

The compression socks is what I like, keeps my calves from knotting up on the longer races and reduces muscle vibration and prevents fatigue. Protects my legs from cuts and rope burns, the material is good at wicking away water because they are not cotton. Pretty much the perfect race sock !
   With regards to the sport of OCR, do you think entertainment matters?
Yes absolutely, we do these races because they are exciting, not just running a trail for 10 miles. There's obstacles thrown at you constantly, that not only require random strengths to get through but make you think about the most efficient way to get through them. There is always music and lots of activities at the festival area too, my little girl did her first kids race last month, there really is something for everyone, and a beer tent as well !

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