Athlete: Danielle Sidell

What was your motivation to compete in CrossFit?

I was introduced to Crossfit during Graduate school while working at a local hospital for my Student Internship. My supervisor at the time invited me to workout with him at his “Box”. When I first started Crossfit my only motivation was to get on my supervisors good side. Since then, my motivation has changed greatly. I know compete for myself. I compete to see how far I can push myself to levels I thought I could only dream about reaching. I compete to test my capabilities versus other athletes in the world. I am a pure blood competitor and it is what I love to do. I compete everyday not just against myself, but whoever I work out with J I make it fun!

How do you achieve balance between your sport and life?

By taking advantage of my weekends. Every Sunday I go to SAMs Club buy all my groceries for the week and do my weekly food prep. I cook all my meals Sunday, put in containers and I am set for the week. I work a normal full time job, 50hrs a week, plus I train 2-3hrs a day, and “try” to be a somewhat domesticated woman for my Boyfriend at home.

What qualities do you respect in other athletes?

The quality to not give up. I love when you see someone competing that is shaking during every rep because they are so tired, but the refuse to stop. I LOVE THAT! It goes to show that they want it… Bad!

Advice to other women/men?

It’s going to hurt. You have to be willing to accept that uncomfortable feeling of fatigue and continue to compete.

What qualities do you respect in other athletes?

In strongman entertainment is huge. We're already a fringe sport with a limited fan base, the best thing any of us can do is be entertaining and memorable. Bringing more fans in is key to building this sport and leaving a true legacy

Why do you like The Sox Box socks?

My #1 reason why I LOVE the Sox Box is because 20% of their profits go directly to support our Military. I am in the Ohio Army National Guard and that really hits home to me.

What is your motivation to remain involved in CrossFit?

I want to see what my BEST is!

What do you see your main weakness to be?

Walking on my hands…

In regard to the sport of CrossFit how much do you think entertainment matters?

Entertainment is huge. The crowd/fans want to see the elite athletes do the impossible.

What was your attitude towards competing growing up?

It is what I was born to do. Right from the get go I was a firecracker. I have 2 older brothers and grew up hanging around them and all their friends. I would play basketball, football, baseball, any sport they were playing I made sure I was too. They treated me like a boy because I treated them like girls! I wanted to be the best and I still do.

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