Athlete: Chris Herber

What was your motivation to compete in Obstacle Course Racing?

I stumbled upon OCR actually on accident in the beginning of 2013. a friend of mine at the gym that I worked at invited me to go run a "Spartan Race" with him. I did a little research on it and then trained for the next 2 months to get ready for it. A couple days before he decided he was no longer going to run it, so I did it solo. Ever since then, I was hooked. What motivates me is that the sport completely forces you to leave your comfort zone, both mentally and physically! After each race, I want to see just how much farther I can push myself and how much harder I can train to get ready for my next race.

How do you achieve balance between your sport and life?

Fitness is a lifestyle for me, there is no on and off switch, it is implemented throughout my entire day. When I am not training myself, I work as a personal training and help others achieve their fitness goals! Outside of work and training I like to play hockey and just be outdoors.

What qualities do you respect in other athletes?

The biggest quality that I respect in an athlete is camaraderie. I have played many sports in my life, but nowhere have I found camaraderie more than in the sport of OCR. We are all very competitive and all there to win, but at the end of the day it is a brotherhood.

Advice to other women/men?

When you find something you enjoy doing, don't hesitate, go do it. I see so many people get wrapped up in their jobs or sometimes just in life that they forget to enjoy it. Life is too short to waste any time!

Why do you like The Sox Box socks?

The first thing I noticed about Sox Box socks is WOW they breathe! They are light and unlike most long socks, they don’t “get heavy” as they absorb sweat/water. I recently wore them at the Spartan Race World Championships in Vermont and was able to successfully navigate the steep climbs and descents without cramping. They even helped me to a Top 10 finish the following day.

What is your motivation to remain involved in Obstacle Coarse Racing?

Hearing all the stories of people who have turned their lives around because of obstacle course racing. This motives me to push myself even harder and reminds me no matter how bad a day or workout I'm having, to keep pushing forward!

What do you see your main weakness to be?

My biggest weakness is pacing. I am a short explosive runner, so I tend to over do it during long races. I switched up my training to include one long run (12-20 miles) per week. This is run is at a much slower pace than usual, but it's all about the distance not the pace.

In regard to the sport of OCR how much do you think entertainment matters?

Entertainment is huge! Especially with the OCR circuit of races being fairly new to the fitness community, that’s what is going to draw attention.

What was your attitude towards competing growing up?

I have always been competitive growing up. I've played team sports since I was 4/5 years old. I have always competed with the mentality that playing isn't enough, I want to push myself to succeed. Switching into the Sport of OCR for me was a blessing because the only person I can hold responsible for my performance is myself.



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