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Team Rubicon Black Athletic Knee High Socks- The Sox Box

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Team Rubicon Black Athletic Knee High Socks- The Sox Box

100% of proceeds will go towards helping Team Rubicon.

Who is Team Rubicon?
Team Rubicon is a disaster response organization that unites the skills and experience of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. Team Rubicon recruits, trains, and engages volunteers year-round, preparing them to serve affected communities whenever disaster strikes. 
Team Rubicon's contribution to the field is unique. Their 90,000 member volunteer base is comprised of approximately 70% military veterans and 30% "kick ass" civilians. Utilizing the unique skills and experiences of military veterans increases the efficacy of their disaster response and provides veterans the opportunity to rediscover their sense of purpose, identity, and community. 

As Hurricane Florence and Michael headlines dissipate, Team Rubicon is just getting started. 

In Florida, they've assessed and solidified areas of operation for communities impacted by Hurricane Michael. Team Rubicon's chainsaw strike teams are safely removing hazardous debris, clearing roadways for emergency vehicles, aid workers, and residents. In true Team Rubicon fashion, these teams have destroyed 40+ "major obstructions" and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Currently, over forty volunteers are on the ground serving Hurricane Michael affected areas, and many more volunteers have raised their hands to deploy.
Since September, Team Rubicon volunteers have already made a significant impact for communities affected by Hurricane Florence. Team Rubicon has deployed over 745 volunteers; logging 31,000 hours, serving 320+ residents, and delivering $921,590 in community impact and cost savings. Volunteers are cleaning out flooded homes, removing debris, providing expedient home repairs, and conducting chainsaw operations to remove fallen trees. 


Hurricane Florence response 
Wilmington, NC 
Photographer: Hinen 
Removing soaked and moldy carpet from a home outside of Wilmington, NC following Hurricane Florence.


Hurricane Michael response 
Jackson County, FL
Photographer: Hodges 
Team Rubicon volunteers clearing roadways after Hurricane Michael.