Find your Happy Pace with The Sox Box April 22 2013

Hello fellow Sox-Boxicans,

Michele was our contest winner tasked to come up with a great sock name for all of our runners out there… and boy did she. Her idea for ‘Happy Pace’ socks were top notch! Her booty… free socks for a whole year from Sox Box. She brought a real zen quality to our styles and we can honestly say that wearing these socks brings us the three C’s (Cool, Calm & Collected). Check out the Happy Pace socks for yourself!

Here is a bit about our friend Michele:

“My name is Michele Hunter. I am 40 years old and live in Auburn, AL (WAR EAGLE!) with my husband and two kids! I have been running for about 20 years, but really became a fanatic in the last two years when I stopped teaching group fitness classes. No matter where I am, going for a run is my Happy Place and I’m not the fastest runner, so I also have a Happy Pace that is all my own!! In January, I ran my first marathon in 4:34 and my goal is to run another one by the end of 2013. My motivation comes from just knowing that I am able to push my body to do things my mind never thought I’d be able to do! I know I don’t really have the body of a runner, but I have the heart of one for sure!!!!”
~Michele Hunter

Michele found her Happy Pace and a bunch of Sox Box socks!!