Are you Crazy or a Fighter or know someone who is? July 14 2013

Introducing our newest Sox: 'Crazy' & 'Fighter'  --  -- we trust that you already attain both of these attributes though you may not have the Sox yet to show what you know. 

Happy Soxing all!!

“People are all crazy... but the craziest are the ones who never allow themselves to be crazy.”  -- Paulo Coelho
Show people you aren't afraid to be crazy and allow onlookers to reflect on what crazy means to them. These sox allow you to express what you have always known... that either you or the world (or both) are crazy --- and it's about darn time to call it out !!!

Most of our Sox are for lovers not fighters... but when faced with some of life's less enjoyable times... well we know that you can't just lay down. Get these Sox then and let the world know that you're a lover but you wont go down without a fight! What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger so when its a fight or die situation -- you are gonna need these.