Veterans Day for Remembrance

by Vincent Suich November 10, 2013

Athena and I had the great privilege today to attend the Veteran Day ceremony at the Faces of Freedom Veterans memorial in Atascadero California.  If you haven't had the opportunity to visit this memorial than you are missing out on the largest world class veteran memorial on the western seaboard.  The tribute was amazing and spoke volumes of the people of Atascadero's support for our service veterans.  

In addition we had the great honor of meeting Mr. David Bouillez who is the founder of the Memory Box Project   His dedication to the fallen was apparent in the selfless gifts he offers to families of the fallen with his custom handmade memory boxes.  If you have the opportunity to visit his site please do:

To our fellow brothers and sisters that have fought for freedom, continue to fight or have not returned, you have our heartfelt thanks and appreciation on this day.   And to all veterans facing the challenges of injury and rehabilitation sustained from combat, know that we will continue to bring awareness to your dedication and service and work to provide and connect you to needed services and support.  We hope to make every day Veterans Day. - Thanks from Vince, Athena and all of us at the Sox Box

Vincent Suich
Vincent Suich


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