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Sold Out

Time to get fit soldier! That means push-ups, pull-ups, breathing hard, and sweating buckets. When your gym supplement of choice is discipline – then you refuse to bother with pansy electronics or fancy pants equipment that obstructs your workout grind. Strength, fortitude and tenacity… these are things that a soldier knows and shows on the battlefield and in the gym.

Remember the Alamo.... but also the Sox Creed: These are my soldier sox. There are many others like them, but this pair is mine. My sox are my best friend. My sox are my life. I must master my sox as I must master my life. My soldier sox and myself are defenders of my country, we are masters of our enemy, we are saviors of my feet.  

20% of this purchase goes to the Independence Fund.  A non-profit dedicated to assisting injured US military service Veterans. 

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