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Mister Claus

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A man of many names, Mister Claus basically needs no recognition.  But times are a changin’ and the cutting out of trans-fats, sugar free cookies and low fat gingerbread makes for a healthier condition and may give some trouble to recognize just who is the real Mister Claus.  The Sox Box has a solution – The Mister Claus sock.  So if your joyous demeanor, warm personality and uncanny knowledge of who has been naughty or nice doesn’t bring quick recognition then these socks surely will.  Show some sock and scream from the rooftops good sir that wide girth or a bit more fit, bearded or not you are the real Mister Claus and the party starts with you!

20% of this purchase goes to the Independence Fund.  A non-profit dedicated to assisting injured US military service Veterans. 

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